Are Titans for kids?

Whats the difference between M18 and R21?

Chilling psychological thriller has some gore and language.Feb 28, 2022

M18 Depictions of violence and gore with strong details. Infrequent depictions of torture with strong details. Non-explicit depictions of sexual violence. R21 Frequent depictions of violence and gore with strong details.Apr 29, 2019

At the end of it all, Shomin Sample is a decent anime that is worth watching on a lazy afternoon or something, but it's not worth repeat viewing and will quickly be forgotten.Apr 13, 2017

True, it's not like I HAVE to have subtitles but removing the option entirely isn't right. The second issue is that with ecchi comedies like Shomin Sample comes fan service and sometimes full blown nudity. I like what I like and am not ashamed of that.

The Series, Attack on Titan Age Rating is TV-MA.Dec 30, 2021

In the special chapter released for the light novel, Reiko Arisugawa is shown married to Kimito (which makes her Reiko Kagurazaka) and they have a daughter named Yukari Kagurazaka (神楽坂 ゆかり Kagurazaka Yukari).

Attack on Titan game is granted a MA15+ rating.

The game - containing "online connectivity" - has been classified as 15+/mature and is listed as having strong violence, moderate themes and mild nudity.
Oct 22, 2014

We are excited for Shomin Sample Season 2. Shomin Sample has a lengthy title. It is actually Shomin Sample: was abducted by an Elite All-Girls school as a Sample Commoner.Apr 5, 2022

Wondering if Awake (2021) on Netflix is ok for kids? Awake is rated TV-MA for language, violence, and gore.Jun 11, 2021

image-Are Titans for kids?
image-Are Titans for kids?
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Is AOT gory?
This show is full of extremely graphic and bloody violence, both containing explicit sword and gun action. There are several prolonged and incredibly brutal battle sequences where humans are eaten and Titans getting their napes, heads, and limbs cut off with extremely gory results.
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