Does Max get pregnant in maximum ride?

What happened to Angel in the Maximum Ride series?

A flock of winged children mount a rescue plan when wolf-boys abduct their youngest member and return her to the militarized institution that created them all. Having been broken out from the lab that created them, six winged children have cared for themselves over the last two years in an isolated mountain home.

Months after the Apocalypse, Max and Fang spend the night together just before the Flock separates to go its different ways. A few months later, during the final confrontation with the Remedy, Max reveals her pregnancy.

Following the explosion that destroyed the area, Angel was missing and presumed dead, but the epilogue revealed that she had survived and was being experimented on.

This was supposed to be the last book in the series, but it was announced later that Maximum Ride Forever would be released in 2015.

Maximum Ride is a 2016 American science fiction film based on the novel of the same name by James Patterson. It adapts the first half of The Angel Experiment, the first book in the series.

This item will be available on December 23, 2025 .

11 (Maximum Ride: The Manga, #11) by NaRae Lee | Goodreads.Apr 24, 2018

Hawk is the tenth book of the Maximum Ride series, centering around Max and Fang's daughter. Its release date was July 13, 2020.Jul 13, 2020

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The books follow fourteen-year-old Maximum “Max” Ride and her “family” - six kids of varying ages, known as the Flock. Max and her gang of friends – Fang, Iggy, Nudge, the Gasman and Angel – are pretty normal in most ways, except one major thing - that they are 98% human, 2% bird.

They officially begin to date in MAX, but in FANG he chose to leave her to avoid distracting her from leadership. They grew apart, with Fang dating Maya for a time. They resumed their relationship in Nevermore. Fang left Max again, however, in Maximum Ride Forever, not realizing that she was pregnant at the time.

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Who is the voice in Maximum Ride?
The Voice is an entity that Max hears in her mind, usually giving advice or ominous warnings. It has also spoken to other Flock members. Although Jeb was briefly believed to be the Voice, in Nevermore, it was revealed to be Angel.
Do Max and Fang have babies?
Fang and Max then have a baby girl named Phoenix.
How old is Maximum Ride in Hawk?
In this dark dystopian tale, 17-year-old Hawk is growing up hard and fast in post-apocalyptic New York City—until a perilous destiny forces her to take flight and protect her home.
What are some books like Maximum Ride?
  • Goddess
  • Eve and Adam
  • Reboot
  • The Giver Quartet Omnibus
  • Asylum
  • Unraveling
  • The Paladin Prophecy: Book 1
  • The Giver Quartet boxed set
  • Harry Potter and the Cursed Child - Parts One&Two
  • Across the Universe
What are all the Maximum Ride books called?
  • They want to control her mind and make her do something. The book is one of the series of books written by James Patterson. The other books are Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment, Maximum Ride: Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports and Maximum Ride: School’s Out Forever.
What order do you read the Maximum Ride books in?
  • read the Maximum Ride Book series in order: The Angel Experiment, School's Out Forever, Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports, The Final Warning, Max, Fang, Angel, Nevermore, Maximum Ride Forever
How does Maximum Ride hide her wings?
Max describes her wing as “folded and tucked into an indentation next to my spine, between my shoulder and my waist.” Max is able to embrace a boy without him noticing the wings.Jul 9, 2015
Is Angel alive in Maximum Ride?
Following the explosion that destroyed the area, Angel was missing and presumed dead, but the epilogue revealed that she had survived and was being experimented on.
Who does Max end up with in Maximum Ride?
Fang is an independent, solitary second oldest member of the Flock, who eventually begins a romance with Max. Although his true age is unknown, he considers himself fourteen or older at the beginning of the series.
What happened at the end of Maximum Ride?
Nevermore: The Final Maximum Ride Adventure

Max and the remaining members of the Flock are attending a normal school, and Max is dating Dylan. Meanwhile, Fang's gang is attacked, some members betray them, and Maya is killed.
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