How do you get level 200 bleach in brave souls?

What are epic raids in Bleach Brave Souls?

Bleach : Brave Souls FAQ
A "Special Up" icon will appear in the bottom right hand corner of a character's thumbnail image on the Ascension screen if they can be used to increase the base character's Special Move level. “Special Move Source” items can also be used to increase a character's Special Move.

  • ◂◃ In Bleach: Brave Souls, you might recognize that your character will be accompanied by a sort of colored symbol. That symbol is that characters attribute. There are 5 attributes in total within the game.

  • Epic Raid are the newest form of Co-op in Bleach Brave Souls. A team of up to 6 characters fight together against an extra hard boss of varying difficulties and characters. This in turn allows you to get a little "familiar" that will follow you around and help during these special types of quests.

You can raise a character's Special Move level by using an identical character (i.e. a character with the same name, Attribute, and version as the base character) as Ascension fodder.

Releasing a character and then unlocking all their new Soul Tree will increase a character's level cap to 200.

Storage: 5 GB available space.Jul 14, 2022

The Use 5 Soul Tickets feature is now available in both single player and Co-Op. The amount of times a single player quest can be cleared will be increased from three times per week to five times per week. This will make collecting Super Link Slot Potions all the easier.Apr 27, 2022

Kenpachi Zaraki is one of the most unstoppable powerhouses amongst all the Shinigami Captains. While he relishes in combat, he has a soft spot for his ever-so-loyal companion Yachiru. In his The Belief variant in Brave Souls, Kenpachi is seen accompanied by Yachiru as he checks up on Ichigo in the human world.Jun 7, 2022

Co-Op Battles

This is one of the best ways to farm spirit orbs. For each new player you team up with, you get 3 spirit orbs. The good part is, you can do this as long as you play actively and save your soul tickets strictly for Co-Op. This is where I think they are very generous when it comes to giving away free gems.

It is canon, its from the CFYOW story (Bleach novels). They adapted the story in Bleach brave souls.

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Is Bleach Brave Souls hard to play?
  • Bleach: Brave Souls is the first Bleach game to finally hit Steam. Since currently its a port of a mobile game, that means, as with any other F2P game, it can be grindy. It can also quickly become overwhelming for new players. This guide will give hints and tips and also a website in which, everything can be found!
Do 5 stars become 6 stars in bleach brave souls?
- A ★5 character than can be Awakened to ★6 (Go to News > Strategy > ★6 Characters to see a full list of characters that have a ★6 version.) You will also need the required number of Hogyokus to complete the Awakening process.
What is SP in bleach brave souls?
SP — strong attack and special move damage.
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