How old is fine and Momo?

What country is Vampire in the Garden based in?

Vampire in the Garden season 2 looks highly unlikely

Unfortunately, all clues indicate that there will not be a continuation of Momo's story into a second season. The main reason why a second season seems so unlikely at this point is a rather obvious one, you can't have less of an open ending if you tried.
May 18, 2022

Vampire in the Garden (Japanese: ヴァンパイア・イン・ザ・ガーデン, Hepburn: Vanpaia in za Gāden) is an original Japanese net anime series produced by Wit Studio.

Vampire in the Garden season 2, the second season, is still being renewed. The ending of the first season gives us some clues as to what the second season might look like, if it is ever renewed by Netflix.Jun 25, 2022

The series has a sweet story and takes a different approach to the vampire-human subject. Although the anime has a sweet story, it also has a dark side. It's nice to watch the character development of Fine and Momo and it's fun to watch the friendship between them.

Most anime series on Netflix are given at least eight episodes, but Vampire in the Garden only had five episodes. So it looks like it could be a one-and-done series. If Netflix does choose to renew the anime for a second season, we'll definitely let you know.May 20, 2022

Vampire in the Garden ended with Momo at her grave, ready to sing and honor Fine, who taught her about art and how it bridged the gap between her and Arya. All five episodes of Vampire in the Garden are streaming now on Netflix.May 25, 2022

Fine confessed to first having Momo as a replacement for Aria, but then she changed her mind and fell in love with Momo and her spirit. During their journey, Fine had come to love Momo for herself. After confessing her love for Momo, Fine took her last breath. Momo cried out in pain while Fine died.May 24, 2022

Fine (フィーネ, Fīne) is one of the main characters in Vampire in the Garden series. She is the queen of the vampires. She has been haunted by an incident with a human in the past, and spends her days in seclusion at a feast of pleasures.

Vampire in the Garden is a beautiful but anemic horror romance.May 19, 2022

image-How old is fine and Momo?
image-How old is fine and Momo?
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How old is Momo is Vampire in the Garden?
The series follows a pair of outcasts: Momo, a 14-year-old human girl whose mother serves as a commander for the human forces, and Fine (Fee-nay), a vampire queen with a taste for music, art, dance, but, surprisingly, not blood.May 19, 2022
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