What happened with TIFA and the Italian Senate?

When was the Italian Senate hacked?

A virtual Italian senate meeting was interrupted yesterday when a Zoom call invader streamed a 3D porn video featuring Final Fantasy character, Tifa Lockhart

Tifa Lockhart
Tifa is the childhood friend of Cloud Strife, the protagonist of Final Fantasy VII. She is owner of the 7th Heaven bar in the slums of Midgar and a member of the eco-terrorist group AVALANCHE.
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. The hentai went live alongside Giorgio Parisi's introduction – one of last year's Nobel Prize winners in physics.Jan 19, 2022

Members of the Senate are styled Senator or The Honourable Senator (Italian: Onorevole Senatore) and they meet at Palazzo Madama, Rome.

On May 11, Killnet executed cyberattacks targeting Italian state institutions, including the Senate, the National Health Institute and the upper house of Parliament, according to Reuters.May 20, 2022

All went well until a user by the name Alex Spence entered the chat and, on a screen share, displayed CGI pornography of Tifa Lockhart from Final Fantasy 7. Eventually, after cries of "sex offender" and "oh Christo", the user was removed.Jan 19, 2022

Italy has been a democratic republic since 2 June 1946, when the monarchy was abolished by popular referendum and a constituent assembly was elected to draft a constitution, which was promulgated on 1 January 1948.

An Italian senate Zoom meeting was interrupted on Monday when a fan-made pornographic CGI video of the Final Fantasy VII character Tifa Lockhart hijacked the shared video feed.Jan 19, 2022

A video of Tifa Lockhart from Final Fantasy VII having sex appeared on the screen during an event full of politicians and academics. Excuse me what? A video of Tifa Lockhart from Final Fantasy VII having sex appeared on the screen during an event full of politicians and academics.

17 January: Following the spread of the omicron variant, the Val d'Aosta passes into the orange zone. An egalitarian marriage committee is created to speed up the approval process for same sex marriage in Italy. Naples appears to be the city that pays more attention to animals, 10 out of 9 stray dogs find a home.

Reform proposals. In 2016, the Italian Parliament passed a constitutional law that "effectively abolishes the Senate as an elected chamber and sharply restricts its ability to veto legislation". The law was rejected on 4 December 2016 by a referendum, leaving the Senate unchanged.

At the near end of Dead Fantasy VI Tifa was currently being held captive and recuperating at the DOATEC Headquarters and it reveals that she survived her injuries from Hayate and his shinobi in Dead Fantasy V.

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How many governments has Italy had since World War II?
Since the end of World War II in 1945, Italy has had 69 governments, at an average of one every 1.11 years.
What did Tifa Lockhart do?
Tifa training under Zangan in Last Order: Final Fantasy VII. Two years later, on September 21, 0002, a 15-year-old Tifa worked as a tour guide in Mt. Nibel (the same mountain where she had her injury). She was hired by the Turks to lead a Shinra expedition to investigate a faulty mako reactor.
What does TIFA have to do with Italy?
Tifa Has Become The Unofficial Mascot of Italy Following Senate Appearance. All weekend long people have been celebrating Final Fantasy VII's Tifa Lockhart as an unofficial spokesperson for Italy, following her surprise appearance during an Italian Senate meeting last week.Jan 23, 2022
Why is Tifa famous?
She's arguably the female lead in the most popular FF game. It's basically the same reason that Cloud is the most popular male character and Sephiroth is the most popular villain. They are all very well designed characters with great stories, but it doesn't hurt that they come from FFVII.Nov 30, 2019
What video played on the Italian Senate?
A Zoom meeting between Italian senators earlier this week was interrupted by the broadcasting of a pornographic video based on the role-playing video game franchise Final Fantasy. The video was broadcast during an event staged by the anti-establishment Five-Star Movement party on Tuesday.Jan 20, 2022
What happened Tifa Lockhart?
Years later, after Sephiroth destroyed the town of Nibelheim, Cloud rescued Tifa after she was wounded by Sephiroth. Surviving the incident, Tifa was taken to safety by her martial arts instructor Zangan, eventually arriving in Midgar and meeting AVALANCHE's leader, Barret Wallace.
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