What is DEKU's hero rank?

Who is the number 3 hero in my hero?

Wing Hero: Hawks
Keigo Takami, otherwise known as Hawks, is the former Number 3 Hero and current Number 2 Pro. Only making his first full appearance in the season 4 ranking episode, Hawks has since become a major character in terms of both plot and fan response.Feb 27, 2022

The series is a retelling of Deku's story in which he already states that he ends up being the number 1 hero in the world.Aug 31, 2021

Best Jeanist

Despite his injuries, Best Jeanist is still honored as the No. 3 hero.
Apr 2, 2020

U.A.'s Big Three represents the top hero candidates in all of Japan. Mirio Togata, Tamaki Amajiki, and Nejire Hado did not rank well in their previous U.A. Sports Festival, and their strange personalities leave a strong impression on most people.

The Big 3 consist of three of U.A.'s strongest third-year students: Mirio Togata, Nejire Hado, and Tamaki Amajiki. Interestingly enough, the strongest does not necessarily mean physical strength (at least for two of the three).Sep 10, 2022

Thanks to his studies, training, and valuable experience obtained as the No. 2 Hero, Enji knows how to strategically direct forces in battle, immediately understand the situation he's in, and resolves incidents as fast as possible, with minimal casualties.

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