What nationality is Sango?

What is the Sango?

Sango had three wives. Oya, who he loved and became fond of, Sango would allow her to touch his hair which was an abomination but Oya later betrayed him by revealing his secrets of wizardry.Jul 28, 2013

Definition of Sango

: a trade language widely used in western Africa belonging to the Adamawa-Eastern branch of the Niger-Congo family.

Sango is the Japanese word for coral, and the species of pink coral used as the nucleus is likely a Corallium species, one of the precious corals harvested off the Pacific coast of Japan, especially around southern Kochi Prefecture (N.Aug 11, 2017

Many years ago, there lived a great and powerful king called Sango. He was bestowed with power by his Mother's people in Nupe. His Grandfather gave him thunderbolt stones which he used to summon thunder from the sky. This power made him known as the god of fire and thunder.Oct 3, 2020

Sango was the 4th king that ruled as the Alafin of Oyo and who was deified by his friends after his controversial death. According to Yoruba legend, Sango was born at a time when the Yoruba people were participating in activities that were unpleasing to the gods.

Sango– He is the Yoruba mythological “god of Thunder and Lightning.” He is also called Jakuta and is one of the most worshipped gods in the world today. He was the third king of Old Oyo Kingdom.Aug 11, 2019

Sango had other women in his life – Oshun, the first and the one historians considered to be the legitimate wife and Oba was the second.Feb 10, 2019

Shango has numerous manifestations, including Airá, Agodo, Afonja, Lubé, and Obomin. He is known for his powerful double axe (Oṣè). He is considered to be one of the most powerful rulers that Yorubaland has ever produced. In the New World, he is syncretized with either Saint Barbara or Saint Jerome.

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