Who is kyoka Jiro's crush?

Who is Bakugo married to?

Katsuki Bakugo x Izuku Midoriya

With 17695 fanfics on Ao3 and counting, Izuku and his childhood frenemy Katsuki Bakugo comprise one of the most popular ships in the fandom.

At some point, he met Mitsuki at a job and she aggressively hit on him which led to a relationship that progressed to them getting married.

Sero has a crush on Denki. Confirmed.

His mother's name is Anzu.

Deku x Bakugo is clearly the most popular MHA ship that fans want to see become canon.Jul 24, 2022

In her debut chapter in the manga, 2017's Chapter 128, Eri is revealed to be six years old.Jun 21, 2022

Season Three welcomed Ms. Joke to the stage, and Fukukado Emi has a big crush on Aizawa. The heroine made a short cameo way back in My Hero Academia's 20th episode, but she just got her full reveal this week. Emi was introduced as the Pro Hero with her own students who need to get their Provisional Hero License.Jul 24, 2018

Minoru Mineta

Tsuyu is frequently seen together with Minoru, although she constantly punishes him for his perverted behavior or insensitive comments.

Tsuyu Asui

When Kosei got restrained by Tsuyu and dragged off to Team 1-A's prison, it appears that he presumably developed a small crush on her.

image-Who is kyoka Jiro's crush?
image-Who is kyoka Jiro's crush?
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Who is TSU shipped with?
TokoTsuyu is the het ship between Tsuyu Asui and Fumikage Tokoyami from the My Hero Academia fandom.
Why is TSU so popular?
She became popular because the chapter where her, deku, and mineta team up was when the series' popularity was blowing up online and a lot of people liked her then.Aug 3, 2016
Who is DEKU shipped with?
It's a testament to how much people enjoy hate-to-love romances that so much of the My Hero Academia fandom ships Deku with Bakugo.Sep 28, 2021
What is Tsuyu full name?
Tsuyu "Tsu" Asui is a major protagonist in My Hero Academia. She is a student of Class 1-A and one of Izuku Midoriya and Ochaco Uraraka's friends.
Who does Mina have a crush on?
Shoto Todoroki

Mina is one of the girls stricken by his looks, and thinks that Shoto is the most handsome boy in school.
Is Tsuyu a girl?
Tsuyu is a short girl of a relatively slender build compared to her classmates and has notably large hands.
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