Why is hides face damaged?

Why is hides face damaged?

Hideyoshi Nagachika (永近 英良, Nagachika Hideyoshi), also known as Hide (ヒデ), is a normal human and the best friend of Ken Kaneki

Ken Kaneki
Ken Kaneki ( 金 カネ 木 キ 研 ケン , Kaneki Ken) is the main protagonist of the Tokyo Ghoul series.
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. He attended Kamii University as a freshman and, later, sophomore. While there, he was studying Foreign Language Studies — majoring in English — at the Department of International Studies.Dec 7, 2018

That applied to Hide too who appeared in Tokyo Ghoul:re and followed his Scarecrow storyline from the manga. So, despite his apparent death in the anime's second season, Hide is indeed alive and well in the Tokyo Ghoul manga and anime series thanks to a whole load of retconning.Jul 21, 2021

He was bitten by Kaneki, who consumed part of his face and neck, but the injury wasn't fatal and Hide survived, which Kaneki did not know since he blacked out. The manga sticks with its own continuity here, as this explanation makes sense – we know Kaneki tasted blood in his mouth after realizing Hide is gone.May 30, 2022

1. Ken Kaneki. As the hero and main protagonist of "Tokyo Ghoul," it makes a lot of sense that Ken Kaneki would also be the strongest character in the series.Jun 30, 2022

Hide appeared in front of Kaneki who had fled into the sewers after he had been badly wounded in his fight against Amon. Hide revealed that he knew about Kaneki being a ghoul, and asked him to come home.Dec 7, 2018

Episode 24 | Tokyo Ghoul Wiki | Fandom.

Kaneki had to heal his toes over and over again, all the while being tortured and practically starved. His body was basically weakening because the cells were wearing out, which is why his hair turned white, as it does with individuals as they age. Torture is also why Takizawa from Re: had his hair turn white.

It is soon revealed that Hide never actually died. He was bitten by Kaneki, who consumed part of his face and neck, but the injury wasn't fatal and Hide survived, which Kaneki did not know since he blacked out.May 30, 2022

After the Defense of Tokyo, Kaneki and Touka currently live happily married, with a daughter and another child coming, with humans and ghouls finally united together.

When Amon asks Hide why he'd go so far to save his friend Kaneki, Hide's answer is simple. “Because I love him,” he said. Fans all over the world have debated the true meaning of those words online ever since. Does it mean romantic love, or is Kaneki's devotion more on the Platonic angle?Jun 26, 2020

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What does it mean when Kaneki rubs his chin?
Whenever Kaneki touches his chin: Kaneki scratches his chin when Rize asks what's wrong and he's trying to avoid admitting that he was checking out her thiccness.Mar 5, 2018
Why did hide join CCG?
It's revealed that he joined the CCG in order to find clues about Kaneki's whereabouts.
Does Kaneki lose his arm?
But in the fight against Arima, he doesn't just lose his hand, but both his arms and legs. From that point onwards, he supported himself with legs made from kakuja. We haven't seen Kaneki's legs since, but as of Chapter 99 his arm was still scaly, and we haven't seen him without gloves or shoes since.Apr 19, 2017
Who is LGBT in Tokyo Ghoul?
Tooru Mutsuki is a transgender gay character from Tokyo Ghoul.
In which episode Kaneki fight Arima?
Episode 23 | Tokyo Ghoul Wiki | Fandom.
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