Will Hunter x Hunter ever return?

When will HxH resume?

Is Hunter x Hunter Manga Finished or Still Ongoing? Despite being released in 1998, the Hunter x Hunter manga is still ongoing. Due to Yoshihiro Togashi's health issues, the manga has been on hiatus for four years. Going back in time, Chapter 390 was published in 2018.Aug 19, 2022
Hunter X Hunter Anime is not yet done. According to Togashi, he says he's on hiatus and that he's eventually continuing but the demand from the manga company is too much stress for him and he doesn't want to continue. The quota he has to fill is a chapter a week which is a lot for anyone in the manga industry.Dec 20, 2014

  • While fans of HxH are undoubtedly eager to see the story continue, the hiatus has no end in sight. HxH manga author Yoshihiro Togashi allegedly suffers from chronic pain and illnesses, prompting him to prioritize his health rather than meeting his strict manga deadlines.

  • The official website for Hunter x Hunter manga has announced that the manga will resume on the 43rd issue of Shueisha's Weekly Shounen Jump magazine releasing on September 22. The manga went on hiatus recently on April 2, with Togashi promising for a quick resume. The 36th volume of the manga will also release on October 4.

  • HxH was absent for the entirety of 2015. Between 2016 and 2017, it would only return for a few weeks before taking breaks again. The most recent new chapter, Chapter 390, was released in November of 2018. Since then, there have been no new chapters for more than two years, and it will soon reach its third year of hiatus.

At the end of the tape, when Ging was going to tell him about his mother, instead of listening to it to the end, Gon just stopped the tape and stated that Mito was his mother.

Gon eventually achieves his dream of becoming a Hunter and meeting his father, but it comes at a heavy price. Throughout his long and arduous journey, Gon lost his Nen abilities.Jan 14, 2022

Alluka Zoldyck

Her sex is listed as male and some characters do refer to her in male terms, but Alluka's brother Killua always refers to her as his “sister” and the fact that she is transgender is never explicitly brought up. She has a feminine appearance and her genitals are never brought up.
Apr 10, 2022

Leorio is a Rookie Hunter who starts the series as a tall, boastful man with big monetary goals. He has the appearance of a masculine guy much older than he actually is. Some characters mistake him as an "old man" before he can clarify that he is still in his teenage years, being only 19.Mar 4, 2022

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As of now no there won't be. Consider the series over for the foreseeable future. The manga is technically still ongoing but it has made very little progress over the last several years. The following arc is going to be longer than CA if it ever finishes.

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Will there be another season of HxH in 2021?
There is currently no release date for new season 7 of Hunter X Hunter. However, depending on whether Madhouse decides to continue the series, season 7 could be released as soon as 2024. The release date will depend on how long Togashi needs to finish the next manga installment.Aug 23, 2022
Why is Hunter x Hunter not finished?
The only series that the publisher Shueisha and Weekly Shonen Jump magazine have allowed to make such a hiatus. An exception out of respect for its success and for Yoshihiro Togashi, who had to stop due to serious health problems resulting from stress and pressure.May 24, 2022
What is Togashi twitter?
Togashi be on that dang phone!

On May 24, 2022 a mysterious Twitter account called “冨樫義博 (Yoshihiro Togashi)” made a tweet with the text “4 more chapters for the time being” and added a hazy image of the corner of an in-progress manga panel.
May 31, 2022
Will the Dark Continent arc be animated?
At where the manga stands at the moment, there's really not enough content for it to be animated much further. So unless the manga is continued or funimation decides to take the wheel and continue the animation themselves, it won't happen.
Did Kurapika's eyes get taken?
However, when they learned that Kurapika's eye has been stolen, they rushed to his side. Was this the doings of the Phantom Troupe? Gon and the rest heard the most unbelievable news from Kurapika, who barely escaped death. The person who stole his Scarlet eye was a member of the Kurta clan.Mar 7, 2013
What happens to Gon and Killua in the end?
In the final episodes of the anime, we saw Gon and Killua parting ways to continue their journey separately, Gon Freecs went to see his father, while Killua decided to spend his time with his little sister, Alluka.Jun 1, 2022
Is Hunter x Hunter almost over?
The wait is almost over!

Luckily the wait for the next Hunter x Hunter manga issue is almost over. It has been officially announced that Hunter x Hunter will be returning after its four-year hiatus in November. The great news was reported by Polygon who confirmed the tweet straight from the Shonen Jump Twitter account.
Sep 21, 2022
Does Kurapika come back?
Leorio comes back in the last arc, but Kurapika just shows up very briefly at the very end. The manga continues after the end of the anime, though.
Will there be a season 7 of HXH Reddit?
No, there's no season 7 because only one long season was made for 2011. No new manga content, no new anime.
Is HXH returning 2021?
The Tweet from Togashi came our early in the morning on Tuesday, May 24, 2022, confirming the development of 4 new chapters for the creator's hit manga series Hunter x Hunter, which as of November 2021 sold more than 79 million copies worldwide.May 24, 2022
Will there be an HxH season 7?
There is currently no release date for new season 7 of Hunter X Hunter. However, depending on whether Madhouse decides to continue the series, season 7 could be released as soon as 2024. The release date will depend on how long Togashi needs to finish the next manga installment.Aug 23, 2022
Will Gon and killua meet again?
The next Hunter x Hunter anime season will adapt this story arc, so Killua & Gon will hardly get any screen time. It's doubtful we'll see Gon and Killua again anytime soon, but as the two main protagonists of the story, it's likely that they'll make a comeback at some point.Jun 10, 2022
Is Hunter X Hunter finished 2021?
Yoshihiro Togashi, Hunter x Hunter's mangaka, confirms that he is working again on the series and says that there are 4 chapters left to finish it. It has been more than three years since Hunter x Hunter disappeared from the pages of Weekly Shonen Jump.May 24, 2022
Is the Dark Continent arc over?
The Dark Continent Expedition arc (An Hei Da Lu Bian, Ankoku Tairiku-hen; ” is the eighth (officially seventh) story sequence of the series and runs from Chapter 334 through Chapter 348 in the manga. The arc came out after the ending of the anime's original series and wasn't animated in either of the adaptations.
Is HXH a hiatus?
Hunter x Hunter could be making a return! Hunter x Hunter, one of the most popular mangas on the planet, has been on hiatus for over 1200 days. But that hiatus is seemingly about to end, after the creator, Yoshihiro Togashi, appeared to post work-in-progress of new chapters on a brand new Twitter account.May 24, 2022
When will Hunter x Hunter be released?
  • There are four seasons on Netflix in June 2021. As soon as July 2021 rolls around, all five seasons of Hunter x Hunter will be on Netflix. Hopefully, Hunter x Hunter season 5 will also be added to Netflix soon.
When is Hunter x Hunter coming back?
  • There will be a total of 12 episodes in the seventh season of Hunter x Hunter, which is anticipated to premiere in late 2022 or early 2023. Megumi Han and Mariya Ise will appear on a public radio recording to mark the 10th anniversary of the Hunter x Hunter (2011) anime, which premiered in Japan in 2011.
Will there be a season 8 of Hunter x Hunter?
  • the anime doesn't have a season 8, it stops at 7! Where does season 7 finish off? Not sure atm, only half through s5. Sorry if unclear, its around 1 am and I sort of Stream of Consciousness posted without framing or editing my thoughts. “I’ll Wait. As Long As It Takes.” A tattoo i recently did! look what my sister got me for my bday!!
Is there anything after episode 148 of Hunter x Hunter?
The series ended on September 23, 2014 after 148 episodes. Seeing how the series ended with the 13th Hunter Chairman Election arc, we can confirm that the anime is also not over in terms of narrative, but it has been on a longer hiatus than the manga, which speaks for itself.Sep 19, 2021
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